The membership of the Association is discussed as below.


Any Paramedic like Medical Lab Technician , Medical Bio-Chemist, Medical Microbiologist, Radiology Technician (X-Ray Technician, CT Scan Technician,MRI Scan Technician) Dialysis Technicians, Physisiation Assistant, Operation Theatre Department, Cardiology Department, and other Health Worker holding the required qualification, with registration (may or may not from the association) and who agrees with the objectives and the guidelines at the best of his knowledge, is considered an eligible candidate to be a member of the association.


Any person passing a Paramedical Courses from a College or an Institution in India recognized by the state government or not recognized and foreign trained paramedics from school not recognized Paramedical association shall be eligible to become member of this Association.

The members are categorized as below:






1.OrdinaryMember:A member should pay Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) annually shall be deemed to be "An Ordinary Member" of this Association

2.LifeMember: A person qualified to become a member of this association should pay Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousandonly) or more shall be deemed to be life member.

3. Associate Member : Indian Paramedics and foreign trained paramedics form non-recognized schools our Association on securing approval of Educational Committee shall on payment of Rs.1000/- (Rupees Thousand only) per annum be enrolled as Associate member of thisassociation. An Associate Member will be eligible to become ordinary/Life member, provided he/she passes an examination conducted by theassociation within three years of him/her becoming Associate Member. In case an Associate Member fails to pass such examination within three years he/she would cease to be an Associate Member.

4. Honorary Member: Any person who renders distinguished service to the cause of paramedical may on the recommendation of the Central Executive Committee be admitted by the General Body as Honorary Member of the conference.

5. Patron: A person who pays a donation ofRs.50, 000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) or more shall be deemed to be a "Patron" of this association.

Privileges of Members

Persons admitted as Fellows, Life & Ordinary Member only shall be entitled:

a) To be Present, speak and vote at any meeting of thisassociation on any matter, which may be submitted for its consideration

b) to be elected as Office bearers or member of the committees.

c) to vote in elections of Office Bearers and members of the Committees.

d) to serve on the sub committees appointed by the Central Executive Committee or the General Body.

e) All members shall be entitled to receive official communication Association.

Rules & Regulations
The MLTPA Members

*The Central association shall consist of the following active members in their Governing Body.

* The President, to be appointed amongst the members, by the election of candidates.

* The Vice President, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.

* The General Secretary, to be appointed by the President amongst the members of the MLTPA, shall be the chief executive officer.

* The Assistant Secretary, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.

* The Treasurer, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.