WELCOME TO MLTPA Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Para Medical Courses in medical field are becoming enormously important in Health Care Systems. In India and abroad, in the recent years, there has been a growing need for qualified and well-trained Para Medical personnel who form an integral component of medical profession. To cater the increasing demand for qualified and trained Para Medical workers, it is necessary to provide needed training to the eligible and interested students.
There is an acute shortage of Para Medical workers in hospitals all over India and abroad. To solve unemployment problemsand the courses we offer would be of great help to all youngsters. Taking this into consideration we have constituted this association to control and to conduct the Para Medical Courses. The main functions of the Medical Laboratory Technicians and Paramedical Association (MLTPA) areconducting paramedical courses, grant of affiliation, regulate admissions and control the functioning of Institutions running Para Medical courses with respect to importing quality education programme and conduction of examinations.
Registration of candidates who fulfills the prescribed qualification of The Association. Recognition of the training institutions. Identifying the institutions with required infrastructure. Recommending recognition Academic aspects such as prescribing unified syllabus, eligibility for admission, qualification of faculties conducting examinations. Recognition of the courses conducted byMedical Laboratory Technicians’ and Paramedical Association (MLTPA). Prescribing uniform fee structure for different courses. Updating of knowledge and welfare of Paramedical professional etc.

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Advanced Diploma Courses

Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Diagnosis.
Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiological Diagnosis
Advanced Diploma in Hospital Nursing Care.
Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Management.




* The Central association shall consist of the following active members in their Governing Body.
* The President, to be appointed amongst the members, by the election of candidates.
* The Vice President, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.
* The General Secretary, to be appointed by the President amongst the members of the MLTPA, shall be the chief executive officer.
* The Assistant Secretary, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.
* The Treasurer, to be appointed by the President, amongst the members of the MLTPA.



* Special Committee, consisting of the President, the Vice-President and 5 Jury members, to be appointed by the President amongst the association members who are unbiased.
* Special Inspectors, appointed by the President and Vice-President, amongst the 10 best candidates elected by the MLTPA members.



About Our Membership

  • 1.OrdinaryMember

    A member should pay Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) annually shall be deemed to be "An Ordinary Member" of this Association

  • 2.LifeMember

    A person qualified to become a member of this association should pay Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousandonly) or more shall be deemed to be life member.

  • 3. Associate Member

    Indian Paramedics and foreign trained paramedics form non-recognized schools our Association on securing approval of Educational Committee shall on payment of Rs.1000/- (Rupees Thousand only) per annum be enrolled as Associate member of thisassociation.

  • 4. Honorary Member

    Any person who renders distinguished service to the cause of paramedical may on the recommendation of the Central Executive Committee be admitted by the General Body as Honorary Member of the conference.

  • 5. Patron

    A person who pays a donation ofRs.50, 000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) or more shall be deemed to be a "Patron" of this association.

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